The Rabbit Returns

Don’t Bother Me.

Fuck me.

Seriously. How did it all come to this? How fucked is the entire world right now and how much of it is our fault?

About a year ago I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore. I hopped my happy hairy ass off Twitter, found a nice, comfortable hole and just disappeared. I kept up with the news and politics, but I also kept my mouth shut. Why?

Disgust. Depression. Despair.

The usual shit.

But hiding away hasn’t helped at all. Does it ever? I don’t feel any better. I’m not any healthier for it. In fact, my stomach hurts and my head aches …

All. The. Fucking. Time.

So fuck it. The Rabbit has returned. I don’t really expect anyone to give an actual shit but that’s cool. I’m not doing this for you.

I’m doing it for me.

What’s Up, Doc?

Bombs Away!

So here’s the deal. Sp!tting Hares has its roots in an unusual place. Years ago, back when Rock Band was a thing, I played that game with my kids. Still do. And one thing has been consistent across all the intervening platforms and iterations of this game over the years. Our “band” was/is called Sp!tting Hares.

It’s wordplay, of course. The name sounds, intentionally, like “splitting hairs”. In fact, our PlayStation 2 band may have actually been called Splitting Hairs at some point, but I don’t remember it that way. Regardless, I was and still am infatuated with the homonymous nature of the phrase and the name.

So it stuck. I have only recently started using it as my mostly anonymous web presence, mostly on Twitter, and occasionally on this blog. Now I’ve built an entire theme around the concept, which incorporates my long standing love for Bugs Bunny, cute rabbit pictures and memes, and bizarre rabbit imagery and photography. I’ll also rely often upon the Happy Bunny designs of Dallas Robertson (all without appropriate licensing) and other misappropriated rabbit/bunny/hare themed art.

Opinions are like rabbits; they both breed like crazy and make a terrific stew.

Rabid Rabbit

It’s just me, hippity hopping down the rabbit hole. This ain’t wonderland, but you’re more than welcome to follow the little white rabbit. I’m not sure what brought you here in the first place, or what you might be expecting. Whatever. I’ll try not to disappoint.

Like Alice in Wonderland, odds are good your visit won’t make a lot of sense, at least not at first. I’m a bunny. And this is my blog. How weird is that?

I’ll be sharing whatever is on my mind. Like many minds, mine often struggles to stay focused. It ain’t ADD. It just is.

Politics. I’ll do that. Pop culture. Sure. Mass media. Maybe. Social media. Mostly Twitter, where you can usually find my little brown droppings contributing to the clutter.